Supply Chain Visibility

e-track provides various solutions for supply chain visibility to all participants of logistic processes

Proactive Freight Monitoring

Our unique proactive monitoring services brings security, visibility accuracy to our partners.

e-toll services

e-track is the only independent e-toll declarator for the Hungarian toll road system. Our toll declaration service is open to any GPS provider who meet the technical requirements.

About us

E-track has been created in order to provide the maximum for our existing clientele: to reach each shipment in the smoothest way to its target by providing constant standby and continuous information service. Read more…

Our services

E-track has created a completely new, unique category among shipping and logistic service providers. The goal of the Supply Chain Visibility and the Proactive Freight Supervision is to ensure the smoothest reachability of deliveries on target with constant information providing in road transport, railroad, sea and in air transport. Read more…


we report the latest innovations and the most important news at this section of our webpage to help us and our partners also to make responsible business decisions. Read more…

Contact us

Get in contact and choose the security, transparency and punctuality! Read more…

24/7 customer service

We are constantly available during all year.




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