The fining rates applied by the National Toll Payment Services Plc (NÚSZ or NTPS) have changed: henceforth the length in time of illegal road use will also be taken into account – reports NÚSZ.

Information published on NÚSZ website reveal that less than 8 hours of unauthorized road use invokes reduced fines, longer illegal time periods are punished with normal rates and additional offences result in increased sanctions.

NÚSZ services control authorized use of the 6,745 km toll road network relying on 110 stationary toll checkpoints and 45 control vehicles.

The authorities have no discretionary powers, fines are compulsorily imposed irrespective of whether the offence was intentional or unintentional – informs the website.

NÚSZ draws the attention to the fact that over the past years the company has introduced several services available free of charge to help drivers declare road use as easily as possible and in keeping with the rules, and also to protect them from unknowingly committing offences.

Among said services since July 2015 NÚSZ offers an alert system for potential fine imposition. If the system is active, NÚSZ Control sends a warning to the drivers involved as soon as it detects unauthorized road use on their part. The alert function has been activated in 71.5 per cent of the motor vehicles used by carriers, compared to 60 per cent last year.

Low balance monitoring is another service offered by NÚSZ free of charge. It sends a warning as soon as the critical level set by the user has been reached. This service protects road users from letting their balance run too low and run out of funds necessary to pay for a toll in progress.

Previously a European Court ruling in March found that Hungarian regulation sanctioning toll payment violation was noncompliant with EU law because it applied a flat fine for any such offence, irrespective of the gravity of the actual infringement.