Our company hold a presentation on potentials and actual applications of blockchain technology in Bangkok at the Hungarian IT Day, an event hosted and co-organized by the Embassy of Hungary in Bangkok and the Hungarian Foreign Trade Association. In a brilliant company, together with Hungarian tech SMEs we were mapping the opportunity to cooperate with local partners to help each other in the path of digitization and do business in Southeast Asia.

We became even more convinced that digitization faces more or less the same challenges everywhere, new technologies are in the stage of education, blockchain and healthcare are two very important factors, thus edtech and medtech will experience a further close to exponential growth.

What are the challenges facing the supply chain today?

The biggest challenges in last year was the fluctuating consumer demand and the unreliable visibility of the supply chain. Besides this manufacturing, sourcing and ensuring an ethical supply chain are growing challenges too.

At e-track we have been working on these problems for almost 20 years. Our current system is now capable of integrating some of the actors in the supply chain into a common platform: principals, carriers, buyers, suppliers, etc… However, we have managed to bring about only partial integration in the field of ensuring the visibility of the supply chain we supervise and the reliability of the data exchange among our partners.

What are the actual trends in investment?

More than 50% of companies are investing in warehouse automatization. Companies mostly investing in predictive analytics (47%), internet of things (IoT – 41%), cloud logistics (39,6%) and blockchain (21,7%) too.

We can see that companies are investing in new technologies but many of them are building silos, islands of data mainly for private usage.

Our goal is to offer our partners a digital solution for 100% and immediate visibility. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we consistently build on a system that supports visibility and integrity. Our current services are now well suited for full-scale integration, and if each of our partners makes available the necessary information for the system, the shipments and deliveries we manage and supervise will be fully visible and transparent throughout the entire physical supply chain.

If you are interested or would like to know more about the technologies we have developed, please contact us!