From next year on driverless autonomous vehicles will be allowed to travel in California – ruled the authorities of the Pacific state in October.

The new regulation does not make the traffic license conditional upon “the physical presence of a driver behind the steering wheel” it only says “the supervision of the new technology must be ensured.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV of California) stated in a communique that the objective of the new regulation was to eliminate unnecessary obstacles from the way technological development.

In the United States there is growing number of automobile manufacturers testing driverless vehicles. True enough, the idea of their putting on the roads in real traffic generates heated debates. The opponents of “autonomous vehicles” claim that pre-programmed computer solutions are not able to substitute human sensitivity and reflexes in unexpected and unforeseeable situations. Nevertheless, car manufacturers promise the commercial introduction of driverless vehicles in approximately three years.

California is the first of the USA to grant traffic license for vehicles of this category. There are currently 42 companies in the “Golden State” that are licensed to test autonomous vehicles.

(Source: MTI)