Logistics is one of the most complex fields of our times: it comprises a vast number of processes in the workflow – starting from the procurement of materials through the flow of information quite to the final stage of delivery.

In our fast-changing environment the management of this multi-faceted sector inevitably requires a non-stop 24-hour supervision, a regime of monitoring that enables all participants in each and every process to receive accurate and up-to-date information about shipments.


In our view, shipment supervision by now has grown to be a new trade that ensures effective monitoring of logistics processes and, as a result, facilitates immediate intervention to help remedy any adverse impacts of unexpected events.

Supply Chain Visibility must now be seen as one of the cornerstones of logistics, since it has become indispensable for every single part of the logistics processes. From the start of the procurement of materials up to the receipt of the finished product, every moment must be monitored to guarantee the satisfaction of the customer using our service.


Problems encountered during the workflow processes are clearly the most frequent during the transportation section. This explains why the goal of e-track is to provide a continuous flow of information among partners using e-track’s Supply Chain visibility and Proactive Freight Monitoring protocols, enabling the most problem-free delivery of shipments, whatever mode of transport is applied. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, it is possible to provide immediate support at each segment of the process.

Thanks to our Supply Chain Visibility system, the logistics processes under our control will become transparent for our partners involved from the very beginning to the very last step – process organization is done real-time, so the information provided by us is always up-to-date and accurate.

Our service stands out from competing solutions because the potential errors and inaccuracies of the data generated by the systems applied are avoided by proactive intervention. The two main pillars of the service are, in fact, (i) the cargo information collected from different technological systems, and the ii) info gathered via on-line access to drivers and carriers. We track shipments in real time, thus we can intervene to solve any emerging problems without delay. As a result, our partners concerned get only the truly important and useful information, and in a transparent and easy-to-understand format.

Our system also has the advantage of finding and using shortcuts in the sometimes extremely complex communication channels. By replacing the previously used linear channels with a centralized communication interface, each piece of information is sent to the target as quickly as possible, bypassing non- concerned intermediate stations. In this manner we can rationalize communication routes and, at the same time, eliminate the potential distortion of the information.