The logistics sector suffers from labour shortage, there are difficulties in delivering online orders due to lack of couriers – claims a report of GKI Digital.

GKI Digital economic research company  surveyed 1400 companies, among them 10 courier service providers, before coming to its conclusions that are obviously rather disappointing for the employers in the sector.

The study of the research company substantiates that online shopping is gaining popularity in Hungary as well. In 2017 an average online customer posted 11 orders to web stores. There was an 18 percent increase in online commerce, which by far exceeds results in the traditional retail sector.

The GKI analysis shows that last year courier companies fulfilled more than 17 million purchase orders. A further 18 to 20 percent increase is expected this year. Holiday seasons are traditionally the most important and most challenging times for courier companies. 30 to 40 percent of the packages ordered are delivered in the 2-3 months preceding Christmas.

Moreover, the GKI Digital survey reveals that labour shortage is detectable also in areas assisting online retail, it is difficult to recruit warehouse workers and couriers. Current applicants have less training and experience, as a result, it is more time-consuming and more expensive to set them to work, and then having trained them it is more difficult to keep them. The raise in the minimum wage in spring further intensifies the problem.

A growing number of couriers decide to find employment in the neighbouring countries. The gravity of the problem is demonstrated by the fact that not only the drivers but also the logistics subcontractors who employ them, and who are responsible for local package management, also try to find better conditions abroad, most frequently in Austria – concludes GKI Digital.