e-track has introduced a brand-new, unique category into the world of logistic service providers. The goal of the Supply Chain Visibility and the Proactive Freight Supervision is to ensure the smoothest possible delivery to the destination via road, railroad, sea and air transport, relying on our round-the-clock information feedback.

Thanks to our Supply Chain Visibility system, the shipping process we supervise is transparent from the very first step till the last one for our partners involved, the management is real-time, so the provided information is always punctual and up-to-date. Our system eliminates the vulnerability in the supply chain that might be inflicted by human and technological factors. It is an outsourced and independent supervision service that offers real-time information flow for all the actors in the process, from its beginning till the end.

e-track 24/7 provides multilingual personalized services that can be tailored to industry-specific needs in any given case: it integrates all information related to transportation and shares it with the active members of the supply chain. Due to this proactive attitude, we bring security, transparency and punctuality into our partner’s processes.

e-track is a flexible system that allows our partners to access the necessary information via the online platform or a mobile device at any time and any place, synchronized with any number of enterprise management systems. Moreover, there is no need for investing in a common GPS system, because e-track integrates the GPS data retrieved from service providers relative to the vehicles involved in the process.

Currently, there is no lack of communication in the logistics processes, it is rather the flow of extensive and unprocessed information that causes “noise” in the supply chain. Partners open up loads of channels among themselves and communicate using these channels in many different ways. Setting up and operating these channels is very time-consuming, slow and expensive.


The solution we offer is simple, flexible, quick, cost-effective and safe. Partners communicate via a central system, on the channel they find most appropriate, as a result there is no need for IT development on their part, or only to a minor extent. Each of the partners send or receive only the information  relevant to them, as defined by the protocol between them.

e-track’s Global Freight Control System standardizes the ‘harvested’ information, then reallocates the consolidated and updated data among the partners. This method has an additional advantage: it eliminates the “noise” in the communication, thereby increasing information transfer efficiency.



Our freight supervision service is applicable for every modality. It may be used in stand-alone arrangements but also in any combination of these – consequently it is capable to follow the ‘life-line’ of any intermodal delivery. In addition to our software-assisted  service (SaaS) e-track also offers a comprehensive freight supervision service, which takes thorough care of forwarding exclusively multiple-controlled and authentic information about the supervised deliveries, furthermore, it makes certain that the partners concerned receive only those alerts and notifications that they definitely need. This service builds on two major pillars: (1) information on deliveries collected from the concerned systems, and (2) online connection with drivers/ haulers. The 2nd pillar allows for an effective elimination and correction of the errors and failings of the data sent by some technological systems; what’s more, thanks to the proactive approach, it diminishes the security risk of deliveries.



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