Changes of type 4.0 have also started in the logistics sector. The increased use of ITC-related technologies, the emergence of IoT solutions in the logistics supply chain as a result of the price drops of sensors, altogether initiate major changes in the traditional, overwhelmingly office-based logistics industry.

Customers’ expectations towards service providers are ever increasing with an intensified demand for real-time information services. At the same time, service providers are also under internal pressure to  rationalize due to the depressing shortage in specialists and the resulting increase in labour costs. Today’s supply chain is extremely complex, which is why the application of efficient mobile communication systems is an indispensable part of the digital supply chain. In response to this challenge, at e-track we offer our partners solutions to keep track of their shipments and to communicate with our supervision centre using a mobile interface.

The prime objective of our development activity is to make sure that delivering goods shall not be an additional problem, but a solution to everyday tasks. With this principle in mind, we released two brand-new versions of our mobile applications in recent days, which we present in our blog post.

The benefits of e-track mobile applications

With one of our new applications our partners can manage their shipments themselves and receive up-to-date information on their shipments. Using this application they can check the actual position of the shipment, all the events involved and the status of the shipment. Depending on their permission privileges, they can not only check the data, but also update them if there have been changes.


Our other application is specifically designed for drivers. This allows drivers to send status information about the shipment and communicate with our supervision centre. Using this application, makes it easier collect more qualitative and more accurate information.

At the same time, it is also important to reduce the workload on drivers, therefore we ask for information about the condition of the cargo by way of phone or SMS. Using the application, our main goal is to enable drivers to send info proactively about the current status of the shipment (such as the start and end of loading, the start and end of a break, or the time of arrival at specific locations). Drivers can call our centre or send a message at the touch of a button. Moreover, our mobile application is multilingual, so drivers can use it in their own language.

Thanks to a lot of years of experience, e-track has now developed a reliable and secure system that offers a unique help in tracking shipments and performing logistics tasks.

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